Top Tips for Improving Mobility in Seniors

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Top Tips for Improving Mobility in Seniors

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As seniors age, it is normal for them to suffer from loss of mobility. That is the major reason that explains why seniors live a less active lifestyle. If you are used to walking around unaided, learning to walk with a cane, wheelchair, or walker can be a struggle. As you know, the world is quite difficult, with minimal mobility to get around. There are different exercises that you can do to make it easier for you to walk with a lot of stability and ease.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

aged couple walkingSitting on the couch the whole day cannot help you build muscles. It is vital that you practice an active lifestyle. The truth is that being active engages your muscles and helps maintain weight and flexibility. As you know, being active help engage your muscle, prevents you from adding weight, and helps with flexibility. Although starting may be quite difficult for you, it may not be easier as it sounds.

Use Walking Aid

Walking without aid is great. However, if your balance is compromised, the worst thing you can try is to walk without a walking aid. Therefore, it is a good idea to use a walking aid as it provides you with maximum mobility and ensures your muscles work properly.

Improve Your Balance

If you want to maintain your mobility, there is a need to work on your balance. That is because a lack of proper balance may result in slips and falls, which is quite dangerous for an elderly person. You should note that a fall can set you back several months, and even your mobility may end up being worse than ever. Therefore, proper balance is the key to improving your mobility. You will get the balance from the back, hips, butt, and core muscles.

Maintain Healthy Weight

If you are overweight, the body starts to work in overdrive and function properly. Remember that added weight puts a lot of exponential weight on the knees, especially when you go down or take a step up. That explains why a lot of elderly people complain about pain in the knees.

Engage in Strength Training

A lot of people do not believe they can build muscles even in their old age. Although you may not gain a lot of muscle and strength, when you gain some muscle, you can easily regain your mobility.