Tips for Using a Pressure Cooker

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Tips for Using a Pressure Cooker

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A pressure cooker is perfect for making risottos and soups. You should note that this type of cookware is designed to speed up the cooking of slow cook dishes. It is economically based on the amount of power it uses and ideal for tenderizing meats. When you use a pressure cooker, you can reduce your cooking time by up to 70% and retain the nutrients quite well. Thus, it provides a healthy cooking technique. Corrie Cooks is a website that provides recipes and tips on how to cook with a pressure cooker. If you are yet to use one before, then you should consider giving it a try.

Read the Instructions

The modern pressure cookers have a wide range of safety features for a good reason. That is because the heat generated could easily escape and cause injuries if not well handled. Ensure you follow instructions of the model you are using to avoid this.

Check Your Kit

It is vital to ensure your pressure cooker is always clean and in excellent working condition. You can find replacements for the worn-out parts available from the suppliers. For instance, you may need to replace a rubber gasket that provides an excellent seal. In this way, you can ensure valves are free from the debris.

Brown It

You should note that pressure cooked food does not brown. Therefore, it is worth doing that at the beginning of cooking before you add water and put a lid. In fact, meat tastes and looks more appetizing with some little browning. Garlic, spices, and onions add up the flavor from pre-cooking. If you are rushed and time is not on your side, you can do away with this method.

Liquid Matters

It is vital to note that a pressure cooker cooks with steam. Therefore, if you do not add water, you cannot have steam. You should never use a pressure cooker if you have not added adequate liquid. Follow instructions and your recipes on the minimum amount of water required. It is better to add more liquid than recommended but do not get below the required amount.

Do Not Overfill It

Pressure cookers have a maximum and minimum mark on the side of the pot. You should not exceed those marks. A pressure cooker should not be more than two-thirds full. When you overfill it, food can be ejected from the release valve. This can create a lot of mess. However, if this happens, you will have to take it apart and clean various parts thoroughly.