Understanding Teeth Whitening

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Understanding Teeth Whitening

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People use teeth whitening (also called bleaching) to rid their smiles of stains. Look for a dentist to advice you in teeth whitening. There are several reasons that might drive someone to invest in this process. The fact that yellow and stained teeth are typically used to symbolize aging and a brilliant smile might add that spark of youth that many a man and women desires.

How it Works?whitening teeth

The Tooth whitening process typically begins with a dental consultation, with the patient in question undergoing an examination to ensure that they qualify for the process. Issues such as tooth infections, ulcers and gum problems not only complicate the tooth whitening process, but they might disqualify some people from undergoing the procedure.

The cause of staining or discoloring also matters. Before your dentist can initiate the tooth whitening process, they must first determine the source of staining, the external or internal factors, be it smoking or beverage consumption, determining the intensity of cleaning required beforehand and the process of whitening that must be undertaken to deliver the results you desire.

It is not unheard of for tooth discoloration to occur as a result of infection, in which case the necessary treatment must be provided before the tooth whitening process can begin.

The actual procedure is relatively straightforward. The gel is smeared across the surface of one’s teeth, after which whitening light is applied to activate the gel, bleaching the stains in the process.

The gel must remain in place for 20 minutes to deliver the necessary results. This process must be repeated several times to complete the transformation.

On the whole, tooth whitening is painless, and patients should be able to resume their regular routines immediately after the procedure. However, some patients have been known to experience sensitivity to the cold, this including the air as well as drinks. But side effects like this do not last long.

Complicatiwhitening teeth before afterons

While tooth whitening is a safe and straightforward process, the procedure isn’t without its risks. Utilization of the wrong whitening treatment and the frequent application of whitening products will reduce the hardness of the enamel, inflame and even damage the gums, cause blistering, induce severe tooth sensitivity and cause irritation, possibly even bleeding in the esophagus.

For this reason, anyone contemplating the idea of teeth whitening should take careful consideration of the medical professionals with whom they choose to trust their teeth. Only skilled, experienced and certified dentist can promise safe and efficient results.