Different Types Of Back Problems

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The most common symptom of back problems is back pain. When suffering from back pain, it is important to distinguish whether the pain is prolonged or it is just an acute pain. To be more specific, an acute back pain acts as a warning sign of injury which occurs during the first days of injury. When one is experiencing acute pain, the body becomes stiff because a slight movement on the point of injury causes severe pain on the injured part. Prolonged pain comes out differently mainly because it is as a result of minor strain or injury that lasts over a long period. Click here for the back pain doctor in San Antonio.

The following are some of the back problems experienced:



This kind of problem occurs when ligaments and muscles are stretched beyond their normal elasticity resulting in inflammation and pain. Lifting or twisting injuries cause low back pain as a result of injuring ligaments and muscles of the lumbar spine. Bad posture and stress are also contributing factors to inflammation. The particular cause of pain may not be apparent since in most cases the pain may not be felt immediately after the injury. Pain is most common in the lower back. A gentle massage, heat or ice may at times help to ease the pain. Exercise under the guidance and strong pain killers may also be helpful.Low back pains occurring for more than a month should be checked by a doctor.


It commonly occurs at the back of the neck which causes aging. It may at times result to lower back pain or irritation of the nerves. Symptoms may vary from back ache to numbness of legs when one is walking. One should immediately consult a doctor when pain, numbness, and weakness persists. Some of the treatments one can perform include; exercise focused on muscle strengthening, anti-inflammatory drugs, reducing excess weight to minimize straining the joints and at times surgery can be carried out.

Compression fracture

It is the collapse of the vertebrae structure which is as a result of a reduction in bone mass often caused by osteoporosis. A little discomfort may be caused if the fracture is minor. More severe fractures may at times result to backaches. Accumulation of spinal compression with time makes the spine bend forward resulting in what is referred to as widow’s hump. Pain caused by compression fractures can be relieved by heat and rest. Some steps such as frequent exercise, a proper diet, and calcium supplements can be used to reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis and bone mass loss.


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The opening that contains the spinal cord becomes narrow due to changes that are associated with arthritis In most occurrences; stenosis affects the lumbar region which then results in irritation of the nerve roots found in the lower back. Pain in the buttocks, lower back and thighs are some of the symptoms experienced. The severe symptoms of stenosis may include heaviness in legs when walking, pain in the abdomen and hips. Exercise to strengthen muscles, medication, and surgery which stabilizes the vertebral column of the affected area is recommended to reduce the adverse effects.…