Reading the female mind – Observing her body language

woman in black long dress

Since a woman tends not to say what exactly is on her mind, it could be very challenging for you to figure her out especially when you are really attracted to her. But don’t you know that there are a few ways on how you can read the female mind basing on scientific researches? Check out the pandoras box, which is a system that would help you tell what kind of a woman the girl you are looking at is. It will also guide you in reading her mind.

How to read the female mind?

female model with make upMost of the time, women seem to be very mysterious. You can’t expect all of them to show or say how they feel and what they think. This is actually one of the secrets of the female psychology. However, there are means on how you can figure out a girl with just observing while you are talking to her. Her body language would tell you a lot.

Take a look at the following.

When a girl likes you

You would know that a woman likes you when she plays or touches her hair while talking to you. Or, she would also gently rub her neck and wrist. Another body language that you need to look out for is when she tilts her head. All of these would mean that she is most likely interested in you. If she positions her chest towards you all the time, this would indicate that she is comfortable with you.

When a girl does not like you

You can tell that a girl does not like you nor interested in you when she maintains a sealed body language. She would not have her body facing towards you nor keeps an eye contact. Also, you would see a dull look on her face. All of which would signify that the woman in front of you does not like your companion.

Is she ready to be kissed?

woman in black long dressNow, here comes the part when most guys get excited – knowing if a woman wants to be kissed. You can tell that she is ready for a physical contact if she sits and talks really close to you. Observe her if she licks or bites her lips while looking at you. Also, she would stare at your lips as she watches you talk.

There are so many ways on how you can read a woman’s mind through her body language. And all of these are based on proven facts and researches.…