5 Factors To Look Out For Before Choosing A Cheap Mountain Bike

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Over the years, mountain bikes have succeeded in shedding the tag of expensive bikes and are now considered a must-have among many biking fanatics. However, it goes without saying that choosing these bikes has continued to prove a daunting task among many shoppers.

It is true that price is the first thing we look out for before choosing mountain bikes but is it the only factor? Not and in fact, unknown to many, it is not the overriding consideration. In this article, we shall discuss some of the factors to look out for when choosing cheap mountain bikes.

Wheel Size

bikeMany of us associate wheel size with road stability, and it is believed that the wider the wheel, the more stable the bike on our roads. However, the size ought not to be too long as that may impair your driving and cause you to apply unnecessary force especially when riding uphill.

A bike like the BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain. Bike BOCBM05A is especially recommended for its 27.5-inch wheels that allow for ease of navigation through various terrains

Responsive Brakes

The dangers associated with bike riding is real, and it is only the ignorant who can afford to choose a bike without keeping this in mind. There are various things that determine the responsiveness of a braking system and the most obvious one is the size of the brake pads.

The bigger the pads, the more responsive the brakes. However, size alone needs not matter. The distance between the brake pedals to the pads also needs to be efficient enough so that the force applied can reach the pads; thereby causing the resultant force to effectively act on the rim.

Comfortable Seat

Just like you make this a top consideration whenever you are in a car, the same applies to a mountain bike as well. A mountain bike chair should have a considerable level of comfort so that the pressure applied on your bottom as you ride does not negatively affect your success on the trails.

There are two factors that determine the comfort offered by a mountain bike seat. These include the material which the saddle is made with as well as the angle. As regards the saddle material, the leading materials include leather and Kevlar. And on the best saddle angle, experts advise that the best saddle angle is one that is perfectly parallel to the ground so that you do not lean forwards or backward. Above all, the seat should be adjustable so you can easily change it when riding on different gradients.orange bike

Light Weight

Last but not least, the weight of your mountain bike is yet another crucial key consideration when selecting a cheap bike. It is for this reason that bikes like the BEIOU Carbon Fiber. Mountain Bike BOCBM05A top the list of the most preferred mountain bikes. The lighter the bike, the better the control; especially when driving downhill.

Ideally, weight is determined by the material used for the frame. Aluminum is especially preferred because it is not only light but also the cheaper alternative among metals in its quality range.…